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Nissan 350Z with T10 CCW Wheels

I came across this Nissan 350Z, first think I though was "man this sports car looks sharp with CCW wheels." The CCW design used was the famous T10 design. This shows how good CCW wheels look on a sports car.

Complete Custom Wheels

When it comes to picking out a custom forged wheel, look no further than the wheel company "Complete Custom Wheel." They make the best and most affordable forged aluminum wheels around. They are light, many designs to choose from, and can get them in many different sizes. Believe me when I say I they are my favorite wheel! My favorite design is the 505A, featuring a five spoke with a split spoke design, so it really has ten spokes all together. CCW wheels are a single piece wheel, made out of 6061-T6 Aluminum, and cnc machine for spotless construciton. You won't find a better wheel for the price.

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Saleen Mustang Wheels

With a nice set of saleen wheels you can really change the whole look of your muscle car. Whatever car you can fit these wheels on, I guarantee the wheels will look good. They of course look really good on the Ford Mustang. You won't find a better five spoke wheel to put on the Ford Mustang GT.

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Cobra Chrome Wheels

Cobra chrome wheels is a great choice for wheel on your Ford Mustang. Whether you have a Mustang V6 or a Mustang V8, they just look good on both muscle cars. They are one of my favorite wheels to put on a Ford Mustang. And if you want, you can always change out the center cap on the the wheel.

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Cleaning and Polishing Chrome Wheels

This video gives you a quick rundown how to clean and polish chrome wheels using Noxon and S100 polishing soap. While don't suggest using anything but soap on chrome wheels, this YouTube users shows us a great turnout with Noxon. I'm still not sure if I'm going to try this stuff out on my chrome wheels, chrome is one of the soffest metals there is. Be careful if you plan on trying Noxon and S100 polishing soap on your chorme wheels. Watch this YouTube video for more information on chrome wheel cleaning and polishing.

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This is a great automotive store where you can find chrome wheels for your own vehicle. We carry chrome wheels for both cars, trucks, and SUVs. And our prices our cheap, not like the other automotive stores on the web. If you're looking for specific wheel model or make, try using our search box up above. It narrows down your results in half the time! Adding a cool set of chrome wheels truly does change the whole look of your car, believe me, you'll be impressed with your chrome wheels soon as you put them on! Thank you for visiting our store, please come back and visit us from time to time. Our chrome wheel inventory is changing daily, thank you!

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