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2011 Mustang with Enkei Falcon Performance Series Wheels

Usually automotive enthusiasts don't go for a dull wheel look for their custom cars, they either go for chrome or high polished aluminum. Well this picture of this 2011 Mustang goes to show dull aluminum wheels look just as good as chrome wheels do. The custom wheels are Enkei Falcon performance series wheels. The wheels feature a five spoke design and a subtle machined lip. Believe it or not, these wheels are actually 20 inches. What else makes this custom Mustang looks good is the blacked out head lights and tail lights.

2011 Ford Mustang with DUB Edition Wheels

This is rapper Nelly's own version of the 2011 Ford Mustang, all built with DUB edition custom parts. The DUB edition wheels look really good on the 2011 Ford Mustang.

ASC 2011 Firebird Trans Am Custom Wheels

ASC has just come out with a new version of the 2011 Pontiac Firebird, they have revived the Firebird since GM has chose not to and cancel the Pontiac division. The 2011 Firebird comes with all sorts of nice custom goodies, including cool custom wheels.

Classic Chevy Camaro with Custom Rims

These custom rims add a really nice touch to this classic Chevy Camaro. It sure would be fun to own a classic muscle car like this, the classic Camaro is 67' I think. These rims aren't chrome, they are high polished billet aluminum. I just love American muscle!

Synergy Green Camaro with Custom Wheels

Synergy green sure looks great on the new 2011 Camaro, but what really looks great is the custom wheels on the 2011 Camaro. The muscle car sure is a beautiful design!

S197 Mustang with Black Chrome Wheels

I just love the looks of this Ford Mustang, the obvious modifications to this car are window louvers, custom exhaust tips, billet gas cap, and black chrome wheels. I just love the black chrome wheels, the black on black Mustnag really looks great!

Dodge Viper with Black Chrome Wheels

Checkout this beautiful Dodge Viper with black chrome wheels, this Viper is out of this world. I think the black chrome really looks good with the sunset orange paint job. I've never seen black chrome likes this before.

2004 Cobra Deep Dish Wheel Released

American Muscle and many other wheel stores have just come out with a new version of the OEM styled 2004 Cobra wheel. The wheel is offered in a new deep dish design, similar to HRE and iForged type wheels. From looking at this picture with a 2004 SVT Cobra Mustang wearing them, I must say they sure do look sharp on the Mustang. Just be careful where you buy your chrome wheels from, because some chrome plating jobs aren't as good as others.

04 Cobra Wheels on Lincoln Mark 8

04 Cobra wheels actually look good on a Lincoln Mark 8 as well. These are the high polished version, you can opt for a chrome plated version if you'd like. It's a great custom wheel for the Lincoln Mark 8.

2004 Cobra with Chrome Wheels

I'll be straight up with some car owners at times, these stock chrome wheels look better than any aftermarket wheel on this 2004 Cobra Mustang. I've always been a big fan of the 03-04 Cobra wheels, Ford did a complete perfect job in design to match the curves of the SVT Mustang Cobras. The scenery in the background helps the picture a little bit too, the orange paint job is just beautiful on this Mustang.