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Cool Wheels on Jeep

I'm not sure who makes these cool wheels, but they sure look cool on this Jeep, at least I think this is a Jeep. The wheels have a very unique design!

40 Inch Chrome Wheels

Man I'm just amazed with how tall these chrome wheels are, 40 inch wheels is ridiculous. I can't imagine how much these wheels cost, but I can tell you one thing, this SUV owner will have the most unique wheels around. That's a lot of chrome!

2011 Dodge Charger Chrome Wheels

I'll tell you what, Mopar has always designed great wheels, the new chrome wheels they have introduced on the 2011 Dodge Charger just look sick. They are sporting the simple five spoke design, but I still really love them. If I bought the new 2011 Dodge Charger, one thing is for sure, I would never sell the stock wheels.

Deep Dish Truck Wheels

Ahhh, I'm always a sucker from deep dish chrome wheels. I've never seen a nice set of deep dish wheels on an old classic truck like this before, it sure looks good. I wonder how wide these truck wheels are, they got to be between 11 inches to 13 inches wide. The custom side pipes on the truck looks great with the deep dish chrome wheels too.

Two Tone Challenger with Custom Wheels

The owner of this two tone Challenger obviously loves the color baby blue, everything from the top of the Challenger to the wheels is baby blue, my girlfriend says it looks good. Personally I think it looks gaudy, the blue deep dish wheels look cool, but other than that there's too many colors for a car. But, I guess it's whatever you like in a custom car.

Black on Black Challenger with Black Custom Wheels

Now whenever I think of the color black, I will think of this custom Challenger. The muscle car looks beautiful, the black paint job is slick and the black wheels match the paint scheme perfectly. "Back in Black" song from ACDC comes to mind when I look at this Dodge Challenger.

Custom Batmobile Wheels from 1960s Batman Show

Checkout these cool custom batmobile wheels, these wheels are from the real batmobile car from the 1960s Batman show. But the wheels look like they are in need of some major elbow grease, they need some polishing work! They still are a cool piece of car history.

1963 Chevy Corvette with big Drag Wheels

Now this is a sick Corvette, believe it or not those two hood scoops you see are twin turbos on the Corvette. Just take a look at the size of the drag wheels in back, this Corvette is ready to drag race. I bet you this Corvette can go 9 seconds in the 1/4 mile. The ultimate Corvette!

Buick Riviera on 28 inch Wheels

This is rather extravagant, this is a Buick Riviera with huge 28 inch wheels. This can't be legal, if it is that would be really cool. Each city and state has different laws so you never know. I just can't believe how high the car sits, the wheels are pretty big.

360 Forged Carbon Straight 5ive Wheels

These 360 forged carbon straight 5ive wheels put a new meaning to the word custom. They are remarkably light rims and feature only the best manufactured metal. The carbon straight 5ive wheels are 3 piece forged aluminum, using only 60/61-t6 heat treated aluminum. The wheels feature titanium reverse fasteners too! Well how about this, I'll just give you a quick rundown of the 360 forged carbon straight 5ive wheels.

* 3-piece forged aluminum using only 60/61-t6 heat treated aluminum
* titanium reverse fasteners
* Hubcentric machined
* Balance tolerance under 10 thousandths
* Precision molded vacuum bagged pre-preg carbon fiber coat clear process
* Custom machined to fit any application
* Sizes 19”-22”
* Widths from 7.5”-14.5”
* Lips from 1.5”-7.0”
* Custom finished inners and outers available