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Ford Mustang with KMC Wheels

If you're a big fan of the Ford Mustang, you should definitely think about purchasing a nice set of KMC wheels for your Mustang. They sure look good on any Mustang, especially the new S197 Mustang.

Hot Chick with Chrome Wheels

Nothing better than a hot chick standing next to some nice chrome wheels. I love chrome wheels, they really bring out the looks of your car.

Dodge Challenger with Boyd Coddington Wheels

Checkout this customized Boyd Coddington Challenger with custom wheels, it sure is cool looking. The wheels are done by Boyd Coddington himself, featuring the deep dish look. They must of done some big modifications to the Challenger to fit those massive deep dish wheels under the Challenger.

Rolls Royce Chrome Asanti Wheels

22 inch Asanti chrome wheels sure look good on this Rolls Royce. It's a great choice on custom wheels, the multi spoke design is the way to go with on a Rolls Royce. But you better have your check book ready, customizing a Rolls Royce is very costly.

Dodge Challenger Custom Wheels

This is a awesome picture of a Dodge Challenger with custom wheels, it sure is a great way to customize your muscle car. The wheels feature a multi-spoke design with a deep dish design on the wheels. Custom wheels should be the first modification to go with on your Dodge Challenger.

Ferrari with Savini Forged Wheels

A great custom wheel to go with on your exotic Ferrari is Savini forged wheels. Savini only uses the highest of quality metals, there are multiple designs to choose from with Savini wheels. If you checkout this picture you'll really like what you see.

Dodge Ram Billet Wheels

Man I just love these billet wheels on this Dodge Ram truck, the design of the wheel is very impressive. They sure are shiny for just polished aluminum, they almost look chrome.

Ranger Truck with Low Profile Tires

What better way to customize your Ranger truck, but to add a cool set of low profile tires to your truck. These custom wheels and low profile tires look really good on this Ranger truck.

Parlaro Single Spoke Wheels

These are one of the most unique wheels I have ever seen, the one spoke wheels sure are cool. The wheels are 3 piece too. But, I wonder how well the wheels would hold up over here in my city, we have pretty bumpy roads. I once saw a BMW roll up with dented HRE wheels. These wheels would best be worn in California.

Nissan R35 GTR Modified Wheels

What better way to customize your ride, but to modify your stock wheels. This is what this Nissan R35 GTR owner did, he did this custom paint job on the GTR wheels. What I really like is the slotted rotors and powdercoated brake calipers, that really helps bring out the looks in the wheel.